One of the world’s leading tourism destinations, Thailand is a land of
secrets and surprises for everyone to discover and enjoy. Visitors
who love challenging, adventurous outdoor activities will find much
to satisfy their desires here, and if golf is high on your list, then it is
definitely for you, because the Kingdom is renowned as Asia’s most
popular golfing destination. Golf has been played in Thailand for
almost a century with games recorded at the Royal Bangkok Sports
Club as early as 1905.

Over the years Thailand has greeted millions of tourists to
experience the beautiful scenery as well as welcomed golfers around
the world to tee-off as swing on the superb courses nationwide.

Black Mountain Golf Club, Hua Hin

9 Top reasons why Thailand is a great place to visit and play golf:

  1. Affordable: Thailand provides tremendous value in all the areas that
    really matter to visiting golfers. From the wide range of hotel
    accommodation and golf to shopping in local markets or high-class
    department stores to the breadth of dining options and nightlife.
  2. Weather: In the cool season from November to February, the Thai
    climate is without any peers, Light breezes, constant sunshine and great
    conditions for a golfing holiday.
  3. Courses: The Golf itself is the main reason golf enthusiasts travel to
    a premier golf destination designed and developed by internationally-
    recognized course architects.
  4. Locations: Even a golf course architect will tell you that ultimately
    it’s the landscape that makes a golf course attractive, challenging and
    memorable, From the bustling capital city of Bangkok to the beautiful
    mountainous countryside of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, From Stunning
    beaches in Phuket to Ko Samui to the bright lights and amazing nightlife
    of Pattaya, from the quieter seaside town of Hua Hin, to the waterfalls
    and stunning scenery of Khao Yai, Thailand has an amazing assortment
    of golf courses.    
  5. The Caddies: A unique and truly memorable part of playing golf in
    Thailand. Predominantly female Thai caddies provide a level service that
    will stun many first-time visitors.
  6. Food: A truly mesmerizing fusion of Asian, Indian and Western
    influences and varieties of Thai food.
  7. Thai Attractions: The Thai people are known to be some of the
    friendliest in the world, Always with a smile on their faces, they are very
    welcoming toward visitors. And there is so much to do outside golf you
    will be spoilt for choice. From visiting amazing temples, stunning
    beaches, experiencing world class spas and more.
  8. Accommodation: No matter where you are staying in Thailand, you
    can find accommodation to meet your budget. From stunning 5 star
    hotels to modest Thai style bungalows.
  9. Infrastructure: Many first-time visitors are surprised to find that
    Thailand has created for itself and its guests a thoroughly modern, first-
    world travel infrastructure.

Golf Events in Thailand in 2018:

  • Pattaya Golf Festival March – April
  • Chiang Mai Golf Festival May – June
  • Thailand Golf Travel Mart – July
  • Lady Golf Challenge – August
  • Hua Hin Golf Festival August – September

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