Karma Animal Foundation

In 1995, Mala Sahni Seth, an interior designer and the co-founder of KAF started feeding the dogs outside her house in Sector 17, Gurgaon. Gradually as the numbers increased, her prime focus became became vaccinations, treatment and sterilising of these dogs that were subjected to different forms of abuse on a daily basis.
However, the ultimate challenge was finding a home for the dogs post treatment for a speedy recovery, in particular for the dogs with some permanent disability. So she started taking care of the dogs herself in her house and thus the need to build a separate comfortable home for them grew gradually.

Animal Shelters at KAF

Candy, an old female dog who lay on a roadside, probably hit by a speeding car for a couple of days was rescued by KAF. Her X-rays revealed a spinal fracture, which meant she would never be able to walk again. The choice was either to put her down or home her in a secure space and procure for her a ‘cart’ on which she could be mobile a few hours a day. Then came along Interloper and Daisy with the similar prognosis. Like them came many other dogs who were blind; some deaf, some 2.5 legged; some too old and some too fragile; orphaned pups and abused or abandoned pups.
In 2012, she and her late husband, Mr Sunil Seth, who magnanimously supported her cause, were able to procure a farm approximately on which in a span of 2 years an animal shelter was built keeping in mind various factors needed to make the place comfortable for the rescues. Operational costs being high their efforts are slowly taking shape and as of now they home 60 rescued dogs and feed another 75 stray dogs daily.

Dogs being fed at the facility

Like KAF, there are many other individual rescuers always looking to board their rescued animals and without non-profit organisations like KAF they may be forced to abandon helping them or even treating them in case of injury or illness. KAF provides them an option.
No efforts can be meaningful single handedly. It is only with a strong base of supporters & sponsors that they can sustain and grow in the near future to reach out to many more animals in need.
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