The adrenaline pump, the head-rush, the endorphins release – this is what sex does and believe us, they all add up to a healthy state of mind and body. Read on to find out the amazing benefits of getting naughty between the sheets or elsewhere.

2343ab45_404b8a79_shutterstock_141038365-xxxlarge_2x1. Body Toning

This not so extreme physical activity that requires constant contraction and relaxation of muscles and strength-training to maintain near acrobatic positions helps in toning the body and contributes to weight loss as well. Arms, legs, butts, core muscles – they are all put to use during an active session. While some positions will result in burning more calories than others, sex, in general, is a sure and fun way to achieve a fit and sexy body.

2. Immunity Boost

A survey stated that sexually active people experience fewer sick days. Studies have constantly found levels of certain antibodies to be higher in people who have sex often compared to people who are sexually laid-back. These antibodies defend the body’s system against loads of germs, viruses and other intruders that bring us down. Though you should still eat well, be active and keep a tab on your vaccinations, more sex will only make it easier to stay healthy.


3. Youth Nector

Ageing is inevitable, but staying youthful is not as difficult as we think it is. Regular sex promotes the release of estrogen and testosterone, which play a vital role in keeping us looking young and attractive. Studies constantly find that sex doesn’t just keep us young at heart, it also enhances beauty and health. Sex helps us attain soft skin and shiny hair as well as maintain the body’s youthful glow. Move over anti-ageing creams as you can now turn back the clock with some extra action.


4. Sound Sleep

It is almost dreamy how an orgasm can prim you for slumber. Post coital sleep is probably the most relaxing and rejuvenating. The body releases the hormone prolactin which is found to be in higher levels while sleeping. Drawing the connection between the two, research states that a healthy sexual life promotes sounder sleep patterns. Now sex shouldn’t be a snooze, but in case you experience trouble sleeping, opt for a more intimate session before you sleep.


5. Stress-Buster

The easy fix for this too is good sex. Your body releases oxytocin and endorphins during sex, which are known as the feel-good hormones. Having sex activates your body’s pleasure centres and relieves the mind and body of stress. Sexually active people are known to be better at handling stressful situations and show a better ability to focus on and balance things in life. Having sex also lowers the risk of you being hit by depression or anxiety and works as a mood uplifter.

6. Painkiller

The happy hormones released during sex block the sensation of pain and body ache. Sexual health experts suggest that sex is actually good for you if you constantly suffer body pains or migraines. Most body aches occur due to muscle tension and decreased blood circulation. Sex relieves muscle tension and eases pains to help your body relax. Now you know that you cannot use headache as an excuse to not have sex. In fact the next time you experience any sort of ache, ditch the pill and go for a pleasure ride.

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